About Us

About Us

René Bouwer has been the owner of Rosemarie Schools for 32 years. Her passion and dedication to children has created schools that have helped children grow and develop into successful individuals.

René was very fortunate and blessed to find her runner up in her daughter, Megan. Megan is a qualified teacher with 13 years teaching experience. She has a little girl herself and shares her mom’s passion for children and always ensuring that they get the best education in a loving environment. Megan is known for excellent communicative skills and being super organised.

Rosemarie Schools consist of a Baby Centre, Nursery School and Gr.R as well as an Aftercare Centre. These schools are all located on different premises allowing for age appropriate equipment and child safety.

Support Team

Meet Our Staff

All members of staff are passionate and have received training on childcare development.
René Bouwer
René BouwerOwner
Vanessa Mbatha
Vanessa MbathaBaby School - Baby Class Teacher Assistant
Adelin Hadebe
Adelin HadebeNursery School - Cook
Danielle Paolini
Danielle PaoliniNursery School - Teacher
Sanah Balepile
Sanah BalepileNursery School - Teacher Assistant
Caelyn Mollett
Caelyn MollettNursery School - Teacher
Stanford Duma
Stanford DumaNursery School - Nursery School - General Worker
Mariana Leca-Botha
Mariana Leca-BothaBaby School - Teacher
Megan Botha
Megan BothaPrinicipal
Priscilla Moloto
Priscilla MolotoBaby School - Baby Class Teacher
Amanda Mahunye
Amanda MahunyeNursery School - General Worker
Francina Sefatsa
Francina SefatsaNursery School - General Worker
Cora Swart
Cora SwartNursery School - Office Manager + Gr.R Extra Phonic & Math Teacher
Andile Khubheka
Andile KhubhekaNursery School - Teacher Assistant
Mduduzi Thabede
Mduduzi ThabedeBaby School - General Worker & Security Guard
Selina Mokote
Selina MokoteBaby School - General Worker
Rochelle Booysen
Rochelle BooysenBaby School - Baby Class Teacher Assistant
Bitha Khompheri
Bitha KhompheriNursery School - Teacher
Crystal Lee
Crystal LeeNursery School - Teacher
Nicol Miller
Nicol MillerNursery School - Teacher
Tracey Booysen
Tracey BooysenNursery School - Teacher Assistant + Aftercare Centre - Homework Teacher
Sandra van Wyk
Sandra van WykBaby School - Manager
Gladys Lebakeng
Gladys LebakengBaby School - Cook

Aftercare Staff

Priscilla Singaram
Priscilla SingaramCook and Playground Supervisor
Elizabeth Radebe
Elizabeth RadebeGeneral Worker
Pony Boroko
Pony BorokoHomework Teacher
Tebogo Sithole
Tebogo SitholeDriver and General Worker
Maureen Evans
Maureen EvansManager
Minnie Pienaar
Minnie PienaarDriver and Playground Supervisor