Baby Centre

Rosemarie baby centre understands how important milestones are and how children learn through play and exploration.

Our baby centre is a home away from home where we nurture, love and stimulate your little one. A happy child is a healthy child; at Rosemarie baby centre we believe in building solid foundations and looking at a child in a holistic manner.

Our schools are based on Christian principles and beliefs. We believe in creating a warm and loving environment where each child can grow and develop optimally.

Our classrooms are spacious and allow for exploration and sensory stimulation. Our playground has age appropriate equipment to aid in developing important gross motor skills as well as spatial awareness.

All members of staff are passionate and have received training on childcare development.

Our baby centre is registered with all the relevant departments and is monitored by CCTV. Our baby centre is linked to a rapid armed response security company for safety and security.


06h30 - 18h00

Our school follows 4 terms as set out by the GDE. The school is open during the holidays and operates a fun holiday programme.

Our baby centre closes only over the Christmas and New Year period.


Yearly registration fee of R500.00

R3000.00 Monthly fees are due by the 3rd of every month and are payable over 12 months

*All siblings less 5%*


Our curriculum is designed to cover all areas of learning, sensory exploration is encouraged. Music and messy play are important activities in our curriculum.

The Bumble Bee music programme and Kinderkinetics form part of our curriculum at no extra cost to our parents.


Cooked breakfast

Mid-morning snack bread/fruit/yogurt and juice

Cooked lunch

Mid afternoon snack bread/fruit/yogurt and juice