Nursery School and Gr-R

Childhood is a magical time for the child and parents alike; at Rosemarie Nursery school we understand the importance of development, we believe in developing a solid physical foundation as well as socially and emotionally mature children who have the ability to reach their cognitive potential.

Dr David Feuerstein, a child psychologist, once said that a child only needs 3 things to thrive:

  • A caring adult
  • Who unlocks the world
  • And gives it meaning

At Rosemarie nursery school we believe these 3 things are evident in our staff, environment and curriculum.

We believe in play, innocence and the joy of being a child.

Our staff and assistants are fully qualified and often attend courses to keep their knowledge and skill up to date.



Our school follows 4 terms as set out by the GDE. The school is open in the holidays and operated on a fun holiday programme. Our Gr R is registered with the department of education.

Our nursery school closes over the Christmas and New Year period.


Yearly registration fee of R500.00

Nursery school: R2700-00 Monthly fees are due by the 3rd of every month and are payable over 12 months.

Gr-R: R2850.00 Monthly fees are due by the 3rd of every month and are payable over 12 months

Our nursery school is registered with all the relevant departments and is monitored by CCTV. Our nursery school is linked to a rapid armed response security company for safety and security.

*All siblings less 5%*


Our curriculum is designed to cover all areas of learning, sensory exploration is encouraged. The levels of learning we focus on is physical development, this is the development of the senses and muscles for gross and fine motor skills as well as balance and midline crossing. Emotional development which focuses on sense of self, confidence, independence and concentration. Social development which aids in sharing , waiting one’s turn and getting along with peers and lastly cognitive development which includes language, perception, critical thinking, problem solving and academic ability

Grade R learners follow the CAPS curriculum as stipulated by the GDE. Thus ensuring Gr R learners are ready for Gr 1, computer classes are included in the monthly school fee.


Cooked breakfast

Mid-morning snack bread/fruit/yogurt and juice/rooibos/tea/hot chocolate

Cooked lunch

Mid afternoon snack bread/fruit/yogurt and juice

A variety of private extra murals are available at our nursery school on a daily basis at an additional fee.